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We offer Healthy Home Assessments for rental properties and farmhouses to meet NZ’s Healthy Home Standards.

From 1st July 2021, all private landlords (including employer-landlords) must ensure their rental properties comply with New Zealand’s Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of any new tenancy.

Up to standard rental properties meet 5 Healthy Home Standards:

Heating & Smoke Alarms

The new regulations clarify the requirements for heating devices – some will not meet the requirements under the heating standard as they are inefficient, unaffordable or unhealthy. The main living room of any rental property must have a fixed heating device that can heat the room to at least 18°C. We have a specialised assessment tool which is used to determine the heating capacity required (and subsequently what type of heating device) for individual rooms.


The minimum level of ceiling and underfloor insulation must either meet the 2008 NZ Building Code, or (for existing ceiling insulation) have a minimum thickness of 120mm and be in reasonable condition with no dampness, damage or displacement. The new Healthy Home Standards also specify where insulation exemption applies. We work with insulation specialists to determine the most cost-effective solution for your property.


Ventilation must include windows that open in each habitable space. The windows must comprise at least 5% of the floor area of that space. An appropriately sized (externally vented) extraction fan or rangehood must be installed in rooms with a bath, shower, or indoor cooktop. We know the most affordable solutions to ensure your property can get up to standard quickly and easily.

Moisture, Gutters & Drainage

The Healthy Homes standards reinforce existing law that says landlords must have adequate drainage and guttering. If a rental property has an enclosed subfloor space, it must have an on-ground moisture barrier, which will stop moisture rising into the home. We can assess the external parameters of your property to ensure that any solution offered is the most suitable solution for your investment.

Draught Stopping

Any gaps or holes in walls, ceilings, windows, floors and doors that cause unreasonable draughts must be blocked, including all unused open fireplaces and chimneys. Our independent assessors will conduct a full sweep of your property, before identifying the ideal solutions for draught stopping on your property.

Farm Houses

Health, happiness and productivity are impacted by living conditions, especially with workers’ accommodation. As a landlord/employer, it makes sense to provide safe, dry and warm accommodation. If you have one or more houses on your farm or business headquarters that are rented out by staff or private tenants, you’re considered a landlord.

EEA’s Healthy Homes Assessments include a customised report detailing your specific requirements to meet New Zealand’s Healthy Homes Standards.

Our on-site assessments take around 60 minutes with inspections occurring inside and outside of the property. Please allow up to 7 working days from the date of your assessment to receive your report, statement of compliance, and up to standard recommendations, if applicable.

Our Healthy Home Assessments allow property owners to easily understand a complex set of standards. Our easy to understand reports and recommendations offer simple solutions outlining the exact actions to take to get your rental property up to standard in less than 90 days.*

Book today to make sure your rental property, or farmhouse meets New Zealand’s Healthy Homes Standards. EEA’s Assessments start at $250 + GST

*T&C’s apply.

Healthy Homes Assessments

$250 + GST

You’ll receive the following:

  • An on-site assessment with a qualified tradesman
  • Custom quotes detailing your property’s specific requirements
  • A Statement of Compliance Certificate